Provides classes and controls for WPF docking logic.


Public classDockCommands
Provides a standard set of docking related commands.
Public classDockControl
Represents a control that contains multiple dockable items.
Public classDockItem
Represents a dockable item hosted by a DockControl.
Public classDockItemCollection
Represents a collection of DockItem objects.
Public classDockItemReference
Represents a reference of DockItem instance.
Public classDockItemStateEventArgs
Provides data for DockItem state change events.
Public classDockLayout
Represents the window layout of DockControl.
Public classDockPane
Represents a container for a collection of DockItem objects.
Public classDockPaneCollection
Represents a collection of DockPane objects.
Public classDockPaneNode
Represents a node in DockTree.
Public classDockPaneSplit
Represents a container consisting of two resizable DockPaneNode objects.
Public classDockTree
Represents a tree of DockPaneNode objects.
Public classDockTreeZOrderConverter
Converts instances of String type to and from DockTreeZOrder instances.
Public classFloatingWindow
Represents a floating window which contains a DockTree.
Public classFloatingWindowCollection
Represents a collection of FloatingWindow objects.
Public classShowAction
Represents base class for the action to show a DockItem.
Public classShowAsDockPositionAction
Represents the action to show source DockItem as specified dock position.
Public classShowAsFloatingAction
Represents the action to show source DockItem as floating window.
Public classShowAsSidePaneAction
Represents the action to show source DockItem as DockPane, side by side of target DockPaneNode.
Public classShowAsTabbedAction
Represents the action to show source DockItem as tabbed in target DockPane.
Public classShowInDockTreeAction
Represents the action to show DockItem in target DockTree.


Public structureDockTreeZOrder
Describes the z-order of left, right, top and bottom DockTree objects for DockControl.


Public interfaceIDockItemUndoRedoReference
Provides property to reference a DockItem instance for undo/redo.


Public enumerationAllowedDockTreePositions
Specifies the allowed dock tree positions for DockItem.
Public enumerationDockControlTreePosition
Specifies the position of DockTree objects inside DockControl.
Public enumerationDockItemShowMethod
Specifies the methods to show a DockItem.
Public enumerationDockItemStateChangeMethod
Specifies the methods to change DockItem state.
Public enumerationDockPosition
Specifies the dock position.
Public enumerationDockTreePosition
Specifies the dock tree positions.
Public enumerationSplitChildrenVisibility
Specifies the children visibility of DockPaneSplit.