Provides general purpose classes and controls.


Public classAdornerManager
Provides attached properties to get or set a UIElement or DataTemplate as the adorner of FrameworkElement.
Public classConditionalUriExtension
Provides conditional Uri in XAML markup.
Public classDropDownButton
Represents a button that drops down a context menu.
Public classMapConverter
An implementation of IValueConverter that converts from one set of values to another based on the contents of the Mappings collection.
Public classMapping
Represents a mapping From one value To another.
Public classReverseCollectionViewSource
Represents the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) proxy of the CollectionView class, in a reversed order.
Public classScrollButtonVisibilityConverter
Converts the offset, extent and viewport values of ScrollViewer to a Visibility value indicates whether the scroll button should be displayed.
Public classSplitContainer
Represents a control consisting of two resizable UIElement objects.
Public classSplitterDistanceConverter
Converts instances of other types to and from SplitterDistance instances.
Public classStyleManager
Manages style of elements.
Public classWindowControl
Represents a movable and resizable window hosted in WindowPanel.
Public classWindowPanel
Defines an area where you can position child WindowControl elements.


Public structureSplitterDistance
Represents the size of SplitContainer resizable areas.


Public enumerationFallbackBehavior
Defines possible fallback behaviors for the MapConverter.
Public enumerationSplitterUnitType
Describes the kind of value that a SplitterDistance object is holding.
Public enumerationWindowHotspot
Specifies values for Hotspot attached property.