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Modified: 2009/09/03 09:35 by weifenluo - Categorized as: .Net Licensing, WPF Docking
I would just like to know whether each developer seat restricts the license to a single machine? The problem being I am the only developer at my company however I have a number of different machines I build and test my programs on. If I buy a single developer license, will this cover my situation?

Each developer seat restricts the license to a single developer, not a single machine. The email address, provided when registering the product through installed License Console, is used to count the licenses. This email address can also be used to open the support tickets via our website support page. In your situation, buying a single developer license is enough - you just need to register all the machines with the same email address.

How does the distribution work? Are the fees involved for each executable we sell if it references you product?

To distribute your work, you need to sign your application with a strong name, get a distributable license (xml text) through installed License Console, then include this xml file as embeded resource:
.Net Licensing:
WPF Docking:
For WPF Docking product, please note you cannot distribute your work in dll (only .exe allowed), since it's a resell of the product.

There is no fees involved for each executable you sell if it references our product.

In relation to distributable licensing, I am also wondering whether I have to get a license for each new revision of a program (i.e. version 1.1 would require a new license over 1.0)? If a new license is required for each new revision, is there anyway to get a license in an automated way from something like the command prompt? I ask this because it would be very handy to do this for my build machine (Hudson), meaning I will be able to automate my program builds rather than manually doing the license step.

For distributable license, you don't have to get one for each release. Only the assembly name and public key token will be verified.