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Alternative Licence

Modified: 2010/04/09 07:08 by weifenluo - Categorized as: .Net Licensing
How would an end user obtain a licence or authenticate if they do not have an internet connection?

The end user can obtain a license via e-mail, like the License Console of .Net Licensing itself. Please note the full source code of License Console application is provided. For the server side, you need to develop a http module to periodically read a specific email box and reply with the required license.

.Net Licensing uses asymmetrical cryptography (RSA) to authenticate the license. Although the license server is required (otherwise the whole license system can be compromised any way), you can also choose to send the end user the license (XML) instead of 25 digit license key to save a round-trip to the server. Validating the license requires no internet connection. However please note although this license is signed and not changable (you may include an user name and other information), it's not copy protected. A copy protected license must have some data unique to the end user's machine therefore a round-trip to the server is unavoidable.